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11:09 AM, July 6, 2018
Finland Extends Surveillance Radar Maintenance Agreement with Thales
Finland Air Force Ground Master GM-403 Long Range Surveillance Radar (Image: ChainHomeHigh)

The Finnish ministry of defense has extended an agreement on the maintenance of Long-Range Surveillance Radar and Medium-Range Surveillance Radar systems with Thales for 2018-2023.

Based on a proposal of the Defence Forces Logistics Command, Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö mandated the Defence Forces to conclude an extension agreement on the maintenance of LRSR and MRSR with Thales LAS France S.A.S for 2018–2023, the defense ministry said in a statement Monday.

Originally purchased in 1988, the Long-Range Surveillance Radar is a ground-based air surveillance radar system capable of detecting objects in distant and high altitudes. Purchased from Thales in 2009, the Medium-Range Surveillance Radar forms the core of the Air Force’s transportable air surveillance radar system. Also Estonia uses the Medium-Range Surveillance Radar.

The agreement supports the Defence Forces in maintaining air defence capacity. The overall value of the framework agreement on maintenance for the years 2018-2023 is at its maximum EUR 20 million.

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