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10:21 AM, July 9, 2018
New Russian Heavy Attack Drone To Be Tested This Year
Russia’s new heavy attack drone Okhotnik (Hunter)

Russia’s new heavy attack drone will reportedly begin flight tests in 2018, TASS reports.

The prototype of Okhotnik (Hunter) being developed by the Sukhoi Aircraft Company is getting ready for the tests at the Novosibirsk-based Chkalov Aviation Plant.

"The work on the heavy long-range unmanned aerial vehicle is at the concluding stage. In particular, work has been completed to create a prototype that will begin test flights this year," the source was quoted as saying.

According to TASS, the drone was developed using the ‘flying wing’ scheme, composite materials and stealth coating. The drone has a jet engine and is expected to develop a speed of up to 1,000 km/h.

According to open sources, a contract on developing the heavy attack drone Okhotnik weighing 20 tonnes was signed between Russia’s Defense Ministry and the Sukhoi Aircraft Company in 2011. A mockup of the drone was created in 2014 to hold ground tests.

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