Russia Developing Anti-Satellite Electronic Warfare Plane

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  • 11:43 AM, July 9, 2018
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Russia Developing Anti-Satellite Electronic Warfare Plane
Il-22PP Porubshchik EW aircraft. Image: Sputnik

Russia is developing an electronic warfare airplane that could interfere with electronics of enemy satellites for direct functional destructions in orbit, Sputnik reports Monday.

"The work is currently underway to develop an aircraft equipped with jamming systems that will replace Il-22PP Porubshchik [electronic warfare aircraft], which are currently being delivered to the Russian Aerospace Forces. This machine will receive fundamentally new on-board equipment, which will allow to conduct electronic suppression of any targets — ground, air, sea — and disable enemy satellites that provide navigation and radio communication on the ground," the source was quoted as saying.

As per the report, the conceptual design of such aircraft is ready and development process will begin soon.

"The new aircraft was named Porubshchik 2, but most likely, this machine will join the Aerospace Forces under a different name. There definitely will be a new air-frame. There is a possibility of developing such an aircraft on the basis of Tu-214 or Il-76 plane," the source added.

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