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02:17 PM, July 9, 2018
France Receives US OK for Export of Scalp Missiles to Egypt
Scalp EG cruise missile on Rafale fighter

France has received Washington's nod to export Scalp missiles to Egypt as part of a package for the sale of Rafale fighter jets.

The requisite export licences have been received to bypass the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) rules which prohibit sale of military equipment to certain countries which have US made components, LA Tribune reported.

Licenses have been granted to export Rafale PODs, ITAR’s target designation nacelle to Egypt after French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Washington at the end of April this year.

In addition to the 24 Rafale fighter jets, Cairo is interested in purchasing 30 armed Patroller (Safran) drones and Cougar helicopter (Airbus Helicopters) for their navy. On the other hand, negotiations on the sale of two additional Gowind corvettes (5 and 6) are stalled, the Egyptians finding maintenance and prices too high.

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