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11:28 AM, July 12, 2018
Slovakia to Procure 17 3D Radars for $181 Million
3D Radar (Image: Slovakian Security Council)

The Slovakian Ministry of Defense plans to procure 17 3D radars, including six 3D mid-range radars, five 3D radiolocators of small range, and six 3D near-range radars for an estimated sum of 155 million euros (US$181 million) during 2018-2025 time period.

“In total, we will buy 17 pieces of 3D radar, according to the requirements that have been defined by the Slovokian Republic Armed Forces in the form of a government-to-government deal. In this context, we will address all governments so that we can find the best solution that we will submit for approval to the government by the end of June next year,” Defense Minister Peter Gajdoš said in a statement Wednesday.

The draft solution was approved today by the Security Council and the Government of the Slovak Republic, he added.

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