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11:43 AM, July 17, 2018
Enhanced Eurofighter to be Backbone of European Future Combat Air System
Future Typhoon (Image: Eurofighter)

An 'enhanced' Eurofighter Typhoon would form a core part of any European future combat air system (FCAS), Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH CEO, Volker Paltzo said at the Farnborough Air Show today.

Speaking during Farnborough International Air Show on Tuesday, Volker Paltzo said, “Eurofighter will be a central pillar of any European FCAS, and has a key role to play in this future system, operating alongside any existing or new European assets that may come into play in the future battlespace – across all mission scenarios.

According to Paltzo, there is a need for greater connectivity, sensor and data fusion in the future battlespace would see a refresh of technology in the cockpit, including a high resolution large area display, and up to 15% more power to the aircraft’s EJ-200 engines, as part of the aircraft’s long term evolution plans.

“We are in ongoing dialogue with our partners regarding these emerging requirements”, he stated.

Clemens Linden, Eurojet TURBO GmbH CEO, speaking on behalf of the Eurofighter engine consortium during Farnborough International Air Show, said that the Eurofighter can make its EJ-200 engine still better and deliver a 15 percent increase in thrust.

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