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09:01 AM, July 18, 2018
US Army Orders Additional AT4CS RS Anti-Armor Weapon System
US Army Orders Additional Shoulder-Launched AT4CS RS Anti-Armor Weapon System

Saab has received a new order valued $50 million (426 MSEK) from the United States Army for the shoulder-launched AT4CS RS (Confined Space Reduced Sensitivity) anti-armor weapon system.

The order was booked during Q2 2018. Saab was awarded an ID/IQ contract for AT4CS RS in 2008. This order is an addition to a Delivery Order received in 2017. That order was valued at $13.4 million.

The AT4CS RS is a fully disposable, preloaded weapon system with a specially developed, unique shaped-charge warhead that delivers outstanding behind-armor effect inside the target. It weighs less than 8 kg and has an effective range of 20 to 300 meters.

“This order demonstrates the continuing strong belief by the customer in the AT4 system,” says Görgen Johansson, Senior Vice President and head of Saab’s business area Dynamics.

“We are proud to continue to provide this proven and effective tool to the U.S. warfighter,” says Michael Andersson, President and CEO, Saab North America, Inc.

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