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12:29 PM, July 18, 2018
Indian Bharat Dynamics to Export Light Weight Torpedoes for $14.3M
Export version of Light-Weight Torpedo (Image: BDL)

India’s state-run Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) has bagged an export order worth $14.33 Million for export of Light Weight Torpedoes to a friendly country.

The Company has achieved 65 percent of export target set for the financial year 2018 – 19.

The Naval Science & Technology Laboratory (NSTL) research unit in Visakhapatnam manufactures export version of Light-weight Torpedoes (LWT-XP).

The LWT-XP is an electrically propelled, self-homing underwater weapon and it can be launched from ship / helicopter. The torpedo is powered by a sea water activated battery.

BDL and Larsen and Toubro signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to export LWT-XP models in March 2017.

NSTL is a leading research lab under the DRDO, which is supporting the Navy. NSTL torpedoes are deployed in Indian Navy ships.

BDL also manufactures Heavy Weight Torpedoes (Varunastra), a ship launched, electrically propelled underwater weapon. It is equipped with an automatic and remote controlled guidance system and uses its own intelligence in tracing the target.

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