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09:10 AM, August 15, 2018
Tu-22M bomber (Image: Tupolev)

Russia is set to roll-out the first prototype of modernized long-range missile carrier-bomber Tu-22M3M on August 16.

The first prototype of a deeply modernized long-range missile carrier-bomber Tu-22M3M was created, Interfax was told in the press service of the Tupolev company.

"On August 16, a deep-upgraded long-range multimode missile carrier-bomber Tu-22M3M will be rolled out," Interfax reported quoting the Tupolev press office as stating in July this year.

The press officer noted that after this the plane will begin ground tests and prepare for the first flight.

In April, the head of Tupolev, Alexander Konyukhov, told Interfax about the imminent completion of works on the deep modernization of the long-range missile carrier-bomber Tu-22M3. "On the first prototype of the deeply modernized Tu-22M3M, assembly work and preparation for the first flight planned for the third quarter of 2018 are being completed," A. Konyukhov had said in April.

He stressed that the modernization will expand the combat capabilities of the aircraft, as well as extend the operational life of the fleet of long-range missile-bombers RFC RF.

"Within the framework of deep modernization, a new modern digital radio navigation, communication, radio engineering, general airborne equipment, an arms control system, a new information and control complex"

According to him, a significant part of the new onboard radio electronic equipment (BREO) is unified with the Tu-160M.

According to official data, Russia has more than 100 Tu-22M3 missile carriers.

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