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04:40 PM, August 27, 2018
US Delivers New Batch of Chinook Choppers To Turkey
US Delivers New Batch of Chinook Choppers To Turkey

Turkey started receiving the second batch of Boeing-built Chinook helicopters on Saturday, Daily Sabah reports.

The Presidency of the Defense Industry announced that the first of five helicopters, part of the second delivery of Chinooks, entered the inventory of the Turkish Military over the weekend, the report said.

The initial agreement with Boeing, an American multinational corporation, on the purchase of 11 CH-47 helicopters in 2011 first delivered six helicopters in 2016.

Each CH-47 helicopter has two rotors and two motors, each having 4,800 horsepower. With a range that can increase to 1,100 kilometers with the help of the fuel tanks, the helicopters can fly safely even at conditions of zero visibility.

The helicopters, which can carry 10 tons, can be used in war operations and operations with humanitarian and civil aims.

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