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12:44 PM, August 29, 2018
LiquidPiston Developing Hybrid Power Generator for M777 Howitzer
Hybrid power generator for M777 Howitzer

LiquidPiston, a US based power systems manufacturing firm is developing a small, 2  kWe hybrid electric power system for the M777 Howitzer used by the United States Army.

Through a $3-million Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) award, LiquidPiston has been working with the US Army on the small power generation system. The engine has been demonstrated as a generator in “breadboard” configuration and reduces the weight of the current generator by 75%.

The RIF project is to address the US Army’s need to extend mission duration, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce noise and heat signatures in powering digitized towed howitzers.

Future use of LiquidPiston by the military could include its utilization in powering lighter weight and easily transportable Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS).

For instance, LiquidPiston could reduce the weight of a 30 kW AMMPS Generator by 90%, taking a generator that weighs 2215 lbs today and making it 150 lbs (peer-reviewed paper).

This means it can be moved by two soldiers rather than a truck.

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