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02:26 PM, September 4, 2018
RADA wins US Military Order for Counter-UAV Surveillance
RADA tactical radars: RADA Electronics image

Israeli firm RADA Electronic Industries has announced orders worth $3.5 million "from an existing customer which is a leading US military force." For follow-on orders for RADA’s counter-UAV surveillance solutions, along with a first order for its advanced eCHR radar.

The eCHR evolved from RADA’s Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR), currently in use for Active Protection Systems (APS) and Hostile Fire Detection (HFD) solutions for combat vehicles, a RARA announcement said.

Rada says that the eCHR introduces dramatically increased detection and tracking ranges, advanced beam forming and additional technological enhancements, providing significant performance improvements in highly demanding battlefield environments.

RADA CEO Dov Sella said, "We are seeing strong and growing momentum in the US market, centered around counter-drone (C-UAV) and very short range air defense (VSHORAD) demand. Our advanced, software-defined and multi-mission eCHR radar, ordered at this stage for C-UAV use, introduces improved performance for active protection systems (APS) for combat vehicles as well.”

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