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02:53 PM, October 4, 2018
NCI Wins $22 Million to Modernize US Army Mission Command Centers
NCI to modernize Home Station Mission Command Centers (Image for reference: US Army)

NCI Information Systems has been awarded a $22 million contract to modernize Home Station Mission Command Centers (HSMCCs) at nine sites across the United States and internationally.

The contract has a three-year base period of performance with eight optional tasks, the company said in a statement Thursday. 

The HSMCC enables uninterrupted mission command through a network comprised of intuitive, secured, standards-based capabilities adapted to commanders' requirements that are integrated into a common operating environment.

With the US Army Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP), commanders will have the ability to perform day-to-day strategic operations for planning, mobilization support, deployment, execution, and sustainment of US and coalition forces.

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