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03:22 PM, October 6, 2018
US Blames Beijing for its Defense Industry's Dependency on Chinese Materials
Image: SCMP

Washington has blamed Beijing's intellectual property theft as the reasons for its defence industry's dependency on Chinese raw material that go into critical American weapons such as missiles and munitions.

A report prepared or President Trump released yesterday says, “All facets of the manufacturing and defense industrial base are currently under threat," and the US is faced with the issue of entire industries being "near domestic extinction." China, its trade policy and its alleged theft of intellectual property are to blame, it says.

The report also goes after an "antiquated and counter-productive" procurement procedure at the Pentagon which it says results in delays, lack of innovation and increased costs, Sputnik reported Friday.

In addition to China, the report mentions other countries, pointing, for example, to a US dependence on Japan and Europe in carbon fibers for missiles, rockets and satellites, vacuum tubes for night vision goggles, and other components.