Turkish Aerospace Hawks ATAK Helicopter to Morocco

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  • 03:30 PM, October 23, 2018
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Turkish Aerospace Hawks ATAK Helicopter to Morocco
Turkish ATAK helicopter: TAI Photo

Turkish Aerospace Industries is expecting its ATAK military helicopter to become attractive to Morocco and other North African countries.

TAI is in direct competition with Boeing which is attempting to sell its Apache combat helicopter to the North African country. However, the Turkish helicopter is estimated to cost a third less than the Apache which should add to its attractiveness for Morocco.

Turkish Aerospace will demonstrate its ATAK helicopter at the International Marrakech Airshow starting tomorrow in Morocco. Live demonstrations will be performed by T129 ATAK helicopter, which is attracting attention in the region for a long time, a TAI statement said.

Starting from 2017 up till now Turkish Aerospace is conducting negotiations with relevant bodies of Morocco regarding ATAK helicopter by carrying out a range of activities in the region. This time Turkish Aerospace is very ambitious concerning entering Moroccan market. 

Turkey sold 30 ATAK helicopters to Pakistan earlier this year, marking the first major sale of the military helicopters, considered a competitor to the Boeing Apache.