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11:10 AM, October 24, 2018
Airbus Delivers 2 H225M Multirole Utility Helicopters to Thailand
Airbus H225M helicopters for Thai Air Force

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) has taken delivery of its seventh and eighth H225M multirole utility helicopters.

Since 2012, the RTAF has placed orders for a total of 12 H225Ms under its fleet modernisation programme. Belonging to a contract signed in 2016, these new additions will join the air force’s existing fleet of six H225Ms for combat search and rescue, search and rescue flights and troop transport missions.

The 11-ton-catergory twin-turbine H225M is relied upon as a force multiplier by many air forces worldwide thanks to its outstanding endurance and fast cruise speed.

Featuring the latest generation electronic instruments and the renowned 4-axis autopilot system, the multirole helicopter may be fitted with a variety of equipment to suit any role.

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