Dasault Aviation Presents Rafale Successor Concept at Euronaval Exhibition

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  • 07:36 PM, October 24, 2018
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Dasault Aviation Presents Rafale Successor Concept at Euronaval Exhibition
Dassault Aviation New Generation Fighter (NGF) Concept

Dassault Aviation presented the concept of a ‘New Generation Fighter’ (NGF), a proposed successor to the Rafale fighter jet at the Euronaval exhibition in Paris.

The proposed fighter jet will be a French-German venture with Dassault taking the lead.

The NGF was shown together with the UCAS UAV, indicating a joint operation wherein the drone or several of them would be controlled by the proposed stealth fighter jet.

The NGF concept shows a stealth type design with lines that look inspired by the Lockheed Martin F-22 and F-35 with no canard surface unlike the Typhoon and the Rafale.

The new Dasault aircraft concept shows no vertical stabilizer, a concept that bears resemblance to Dassault nEUROn experimental UCAV.

Another interesting feature are twin after-burners shapes indicating a twin-engine design similar to the Rafale, which gives it more power and survivability than single engine planes such as the F-35.

The NGF and UCAS scale models pictured in the background of France’s proposed nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is indicative that these could be carrier-borne in addition to air-force versions.

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