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09:46 AM, November 2, 2018
Boeing 787 aircraft (source: Boeing)

The US Federal Aviation Administration has approved usage of Power Door Opening System (PDOS) brackets manufactured using GE Additive Concept Laser’s M2 Multilaser machines for application on GE Aviation’s GEnx-2B engines which power the Boeing 787 and 747-8 airliners.

The new cobalt-chrome alloy brackets are lighter and more fuel efficient as compared to conventionally manufactured nickel-based super-alloy PDOS brackets.

GEnx is an advanced dual rotor, axial flow, high-bypass turbofan jet engine for Boeing 787 and 747-8. While the conventional technique of manufacturing through milling resulted in loss of 50% of raw material, the new multi laser technology reduces the loss by 90%, GE Aviation said in a statement on Thursday.

Using a bespoke, interlocking design to house all four brackets on a single build plate, the Concept Laser M2 cusing machine’s pair of lasers can print an aircraft’s worth of brackets in one build, before post-processing and inspection.

The first engines installed with the new brackets will be shipped in January 2019.

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