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11:40 AM, November 5, 2018
Chinese Caihong-7 (image: Wan Quan, Global times)

A prototype of the Chinese Caihong-7 (CH-7) or Rainbow 7 advanced stealth drone will be unveiled in the Zhuhai Airshow starting on Tuesday, said Global Times in a report on Monday.

Made by the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the CH-7 is said to be the latest and the most technologically advanced drone in China’s arsenal.

Caihong-7 is a high-altitude, subsonic, and stealth drone having a wingspan of 22 meters. With a maximum takeoff weight of 13 tons, it can mount more advanced reconnaissance payloads and more combat weapons, performing on-demand missions on high-value targets. It employs a turbofan engine giving it the ability to fly at high altitudes and high speed.

The CH-7 is competing with the United States-made RQ-180 and X-47B. “It will inherit high reliability, high attendance, universal ground station and full automatic control technology of its predecessors CH-4 and CH-5. The drone boasts of a radar invisible shape and is coated with radar absorbing material to be useful for stealth operations,” the report said quoting a local defence expert.

The display of the prototype at the show indicates the Chinese government’s eagerness to offer the drone for export.

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