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05:36 PM, November 7, 2018
Russian Helicopters Delivers Two Mi-172 Choppers to Equatorial Guinea
Mi-172 Helicopter of Russian Helicopters

Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa has received two Mi-172 helicopters from Russian Helicopters holding company, one which is in the Salon VIP configuration.

The vehicle is designed for transportation of up to 12 passengers in great comfort. The custom-made interior is equipped with all the necessary up-to-date hardware and uses high-quality materials. The second Mi-172 can transport up to 26 people in comfortable conditions.

"Equatorial Guinea is a long-time partner of Russian Helicopters. In 2006, we also delivered two Mi-172 helicopters in Salon VIP and Passenger modifications to the country. I would like to note that Russian helicopters are popular in Africa due to their advantages: reliability, easy operation, good price/quality ratio," said the CEO of the Russian Helicopters holding company, Andrey Boginsky.

The Mi-172 is one of the Mi-17 pattern helicopters that is certified for passenger transportation and has established itself as a reliable vehicle with a high level of safety. The Mi-172 is a classical single-rotor helicopter with an antitorque rotor and a twin-engine power unit.

The improved performance of the helicopter meets special requirements for passenger transportation. In addition to the passenger and VIP modifications, there are also transport, medical and evacuation, search and rescue, military and firefighting models of this vehicle.

The Mi-8/17 pattern helicopters are designed for operation in any climatic conditions as they can be used in a wide temperature range (from -50°С to +50°С). Today, there are a total of 400 Mi-8/17 helicopters in countries on the African continent.

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