Technodinamika Designing Landing Gear of Chinese-Russian CR929 Wide-body Airliner

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  • 01:27 PM, November 10, 2018
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Technodinamika Designing Landing Gear of Chinese-Russian CR929 Wide-body Airliner
Chinese-Russian CR929 wide-body jetliner illustration

Russian firm, Technodinamika has completed R&D to design the landing gear concept for the Chinese-Russian CR929 wide-body liner.

Technodinamika has prepared the conceptual design of the landing gear for the CR929 wide-body aircraft within the agreement with UAC. The holding company's specialists predesigned the parameters of the nose and main landing gear shock struts. The documentation package within the R&D has been provided for approval to UAC.

Technodinamika's specialists have also made a presentation for COMAC in Shanghai on the fire protection and crew oxygen supply systems engineered for the new aircraft.

CR929 is a wide-body long-range aircraft being jointly developed by China and Russia. The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is responsible for the project implementation on the Russian part, and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) – on the Chinese part. The first flight of the airliner scheduled for 2025–2028.

In addition, several holding companies of Rostec supplying key components for the aircraft are also engaged in the joint project. These are the Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern, Technodinamika, United Engine Corporation, and RT-Chemcomposite.

In addition, specialists of Technodinamika have demonstrated the fire protection and crew oxygen supply systems developed for the CR929 aircraft to the Chinese partners – COMAC.

The weight of the system presented by the holding company is 15% less as compared to western competing products. The stationary fire extinguishing systems have an extended service life – 30 years. We have managed to reduce the weight of the system by installing dual-channel smoke/overheat detectors in the baggage and cargo compartments and using composite materials in production of the stationary fire extinguishers, a Technodinamika release said.

 “The engagement of Technodinamika in engineering the systems and assemblies for the CR929 wide-fuselage liner together with leading world aircraft producers is the evidence of our competence in the industry,” stressed Igor Nasenkov, Technodinamika CEO.“This experience will help us enhance our position among producers of aircraft assemblies and will expand our sales market.”

In 2017, the China Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation (CRAIC) – the joint venture of UAC and COMAC – opened its office for the CR929 project in Shanghai. The joint venture is functioning as the operator of the program and is responsible for separating the duties, establishing relevant engineering centers in the countries and selecting contractors (developers, first and second level suppliers) from among the subsidiaries of Rostec, the Chinese party and foreign companies.

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