Ukroboronprom Hands Over Tanks, Armored Vehicles, Anti-tank Missiles to Ukrainian Army

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  • 10:51 AM, November 16, 2018
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Ukroboronprom Hands Over Tanks, Armored Vehicles, Anti-tank Missiles to Ukrainian Army
Ukrainian armored vehicles (Image: Ukroboronprom)
Ukrainian State Enterprise, Ukroboronprom has handed over 65 units of armaments and military equipment that include tanks, armored vehicles, armored cars and precision anti-tank missile systems to the Ukrainian army. The handing over of the armaments is our response to the hysteria and provocation of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchinov said during the transfer of equipment on Thursday. The Ukrainian military received two dozens of high-precision anti-tank complexes "Stugna-P" and three dozen "Corsairs", as well as a mobile radar station of the round-trip "Delta", which was developed and manufactured by the State Enterprise SRI of the radar systems "Kvant" from the "Ukroboronprom" -Radar". In addition, the Kiev Armored Plant, which is part of Ukroboronprom, handed over five military vehicles to the Ukrainian military for higher military educational institutions, as well as T-72 tanks, in particular, a modernized T-72K commanding tank. "Today, we handed over dozens of weapons to the Ukrainian troops, including the T-72K commander's tank, with the dynamic protection of the new generation of the Knife, which is also installed on the tanks BM Oplot and BM Bulat, Digital secure communication and satellite navigation, which can significantly improve the management of tank units. It should be emphasized that the transfer of these tanks and armored personnel carriers "Kyiv Armored Plant" successfully completes its obligations to Minob Oroni for repairing armored vehicles in 2018 "- said First Deputy Director General of DK" Ukroboronprom "Sergey Omelchenko. In turn, the private Ukrainian armored vehicle company transferred six specially armored vehicles to the military for the transportation of personnel "Warta" and "Novator", as well as five 82-mm mortar "UPIK-82". Ukroboronprom transferred more than 3500 units of armament and military equipment to the Ukrainian Army in 2018. More than 2000 of them are new and upgraded weapons. The equipment included armored, marine and aviation technology, rocket-artillery weapons, including high-precision anti-tank missiles, air defense systems, electronic warfare and communications.
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