Bill to Stop Saudi Arms Sale Introduced in US Senate over Khashoggi Murder

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  • 11:49 AM, November 16, 2018
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Bill to Stop Saudi Arms Sale Introduced in US Senate over Khashoggi Murder
US-made armored vehicles in Saudi Arabia

United States senators have introduced a legislation seeking suspension of weapon sales to Saudi Arabia over the death of a Saudi journalist at a consulate in Turkey and for its role in Yemen's devastating civil war.

The Bill would also impose sanctions on anyone blocking humanitarian access in Yemen and anyone supporting Houthis in Yemen, Middle East Eye reported Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, the Senate rejected a measure to block US arms sales to Bahrain over the island kingdom’s involvement in the war in Yemen.

On Wednesday, the Republican majority in the House managed to block a Democrat-sponsored resolution to end Washington's support for Saudi-led coalition's war in Yemen by advancing a bill to remove gray wolves from the protected species list.

Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna had invoked the 1973 War Powers Act in introducing the resolution, which gave the measure a "privileged" status, allowing it to bypass the various committees that bills normally go through in Congress.

Khanna's resolution was stripped of the status when House Republicans voted to strip gray wolves of federal protection.

"There's not a single American who wouldn't want the violence to end," Khanna said.

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