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01:42 PM, November 19, 2018
Russia 'Tests' Su-57 Stealth Fighter Jet's Onboard Systems, Weapons in Syria
Su-57 fighter Taking-off From an Air base in Syria (Russian MoD image)

 Russian Su-57 fifth-generation fighter aircraft conducted 10 flights in Syria to test its onboard systems including weapon.

The Russian MoD posted footage of Su-57 fighter jet carrying out sorties in the Syrian Arab republic on their website Monday. A report accompanying the video did not specify when the 'test' flights took place

"The flights were conducted to confirm the declared capabilities of the newest aircraft in a real combat situation," the release said.

During the flights, the aircraft was tested for onboard systems, including the weapon system under the conditions of elevated temperatures, the MoD said.

It is not clear if the 'test' of weapons included firing at real or dummy targets. The Su-57 can be equipped with an array of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and munitions.

This is the second time the Su-57 is being tested in Syria. Earlier this year, a pair of the aircraft were flown from a Russian air base in the war-torn country to test its various systems.

The Su-57 is inching closer to completion of its test flights and is scheduled to join Russian Air Force service next year. The aircraft is expected to be equipped with a new engine-dubbed 'Project 10' that will provide it with an increased thrust and more power for its on-board systems including the radar.

The Su-57 has been photographed showing 'cheek-mounted' radars to provide coverage of objects to its right angle and also improve its electronic warfare capability.

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