Russia to Hawk S-400, Other Weapons at Egypt's EDEX-2018 Exhibition

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  • 11:23 AM, December 3, 2018
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Russia to Hawk S-400, Other Weapons at Egypt's EDEX-2018 Exhibition
Egypt's debut military expo- EDEX 2018

Russian Rosoboronexport will showcase S-400 missile defense system, fighter aircraft, helicopters, tanks and other armaments at Egypt’s inaugural military exhibition, EDEX 2018, being held in Cairo from 3 to 5 December.

Russia will be showcasing military products that include; Yak-130 trainer aircraft, Su-35 multipurpose super-maneuverable fighter, MiG-29M/M2 multirole front-line fighter, Mi-17, Mi-26, Mi-28NE, Mi-35 and Ka-52 Alligator scout.

It will also showcase S-400 Triumph air defense missile systems, Tor-M2E and Buk-M2E Surface-to-Air missile (SAM) systems among missiles, Rosoboronexport said in a statement on the opening day of the Exhibition, Monday.

Among other armaments, Pantsir-S1 Ansat helicopters, Igla-S, Verba MANPADS, T-90MS main battle tank, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, BMPT Terminator tank support combat vehicle, BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, Khryzantema-S and Kornet-EATGM systems.

Also displayed are BT-3F armored personnel carrier, Karakurt-E and Sarsar class missile ships, 76.2-mm AK-176MA-01automatic naval gun system, Orion-E aerial reconnaissance system UAVs, as well as small arms will be on display.

Egypt already possesses Russian arms including MiG-29 fighter jets, helicopters and certain land systems.


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