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02:35 PM, December 6, 2018
Russian Su-57 Fighters to Get Hypersonic Missiles Similar to Kinzhal
Sukhoi Su-57 (Sergei Bobylev,TASS)

Russia's Su-57 fifth generation fighter jet will be equipped with hypersonic missiles with characteristics similar to that of the Kh-47M2  'Kinzhal' nuclear-capable air-launched ballistic missile.

"In accordance with Russia's State Armament Program for 2018-2027, Su-57 jet fighters will be equipped with hypersonic missiles. The jet fighters will receive missiles with characteristics similar to that of Kinzhal missiles, but with inter-body placement and smaller size," TASS quoted an unnamed source from the aircraft industry as saying on Thursday.

No official confirmation of this information was obtained by TASS. Russian Aerospace Defense Forces' MiG-31K jet fighters are equipped with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. Kinzhal missiles are impossible to detect with modern air defense systems. Their range exceeds 2,000 km, the report said.

The Kinzhal missile was designed on the basis of Iskander ground-based missile defense systems, the source said.

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