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12:27 PM, December 26, 2018
Rostec Upgrades A-50 Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft
Beriev A 50U AEW

Rostec and the Beriev Aircraft Company have upgraded the A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft to the A-50U version.

As compared to the previous model, the A-50U plane features an increased range of detection of various airborne vehicles, including completely new aircraft. The aircraft has an end-to-end channel of digital radar data processing and upgrading the receiver and the transmitter, Rostec said in a statement Wednesday.

Functional software features have also been improved with a new onboard computing system that is based on higher-speed digital computing engines.

The A-50U aircraft is intended to detect, track and identify air targets, large ground and sea targets, submit information thereon to the command posts of the armed forces' automated control systems, guide fighters to air targets and front-line aircraft - to ground and sea targets.

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