Russia Classifies Weapons Procurement

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  • 08:31 AM, January 2, 2019
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Russia Classifies Weapons Procurement
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia has amended the law, ‘on the state defense order’ which will now classify weapons, military equipment and ammunition procurement including the ones that are bought for the National Guard or the Interior Ministry.

According to the new rule, procurement to create, supply, service, repair or dispose of weapons and military equipment will not be included in the plans and timetables stipulated by the legislation concerning the contract system of procurements for state needs, UAWire reported Monday. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed off amendments to the law “On the state defense order,”  even when bought for the National Guard or the Interior Ministry. 

“Information on such procurements will not fall within the plan timetables that must be put online. Accordingly, not everyone will know what is being purchased or in what quantities. This will narrow down both the potential participants in such procurements and the circle of entities interested in it,” Andrei Moiseev, associate civil law professor at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics was quoted as saying by the news outlet. 

Moiseev also points out that the passing of the law will make it possible to shorten the placement times for the state defense order. “It will also increase the effectiveness of procurements under the current sanctions from foreign states by limiting the circle of entities who possess information about procurements of arms and military and special equipment,” he emphasized.

According to the state arms program signed by Putin in 2017, out of the 22 trillion rubles ($316 billion) allocated to the state defense order for the next 10 years, 19 trillion will go to re-arming the army, and 3 trillion will go to law enforcement organs, the Investigative Committee, the Foreign Intelligence Service and the FSB. 

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