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06:24 PM, January 7, 2019
Israeli Air Force Grounds F-15 Fleet after Canopy Blows off at 30,000 Feet
Israeli F-15 fighter jet

The Israeli military has launched an investigation to determine how an F-15 fighter jet’s canopy suddenly blew off at 30,000 feet during a training flight last week.

The Israeli Air Force chief grounded the military’s fleet of F-15 fighter jets until the cause of the accident is found, Times of Israel reported.

Israel Defense Forces officials praised the pilot and navigator of the aircraft for displaying a “calm temperament” when the top of their plane flew off suddenly last Wednesday, exposing them to frigid air, vicious winds, and deafening noise.

After a brief moment of panic, the airmen radioed the nearest control tower, informed them of the situation and brought the fighter jet in for a landing. An edited recording of the Hebrew radio chatter was released by the military on Monday morning.

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