Syrian Buk- M2 Air Defence Systems Destroy Israeli Missiles Targeting Damascus

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  • 11:58 AM, January 21, 2019
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Syrian Buk- M2 Air Defence Systems Destroy Israeli Missiles Targeting Damascus
Buk-M2 air defense missile system (Radio free Europe)

The Russian-made Buk-M2 and Pantsir air defence systems with the Syrian Army destroyed more than Israeli 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs on Monday.

"On January 21, 2019 between 2:11 am and 2:56 am the Israeli Air Force carried out three air strikes on Syria’s territory from the western, southwestern and southern directions. While repelling the strike, the Syrian air defenses destroyed more than 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs," the National Defense Management Center was quoted as saying in a statement by TASS news agency Monday.

Four Syrian military were killed and six others were wounded. The Damascus international airport’s infrastructure was damaged.

Earlier, Syrian media reports said the country’s air defenses had repelled an Israeli airstrike and hit several targets. The Israeli Defense Forces said the strike was conducted against the Iranian Quds Forces operating in Syria.

On Sunday, Syria’s SANA news agency reported that Syrian air defenses had repelled an Israeli air strike in the country’s south. On the same day, Israel announced that it had intercepted a rocket fired at the Golan Heights.

On January 13, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Tel Aviv was ready to enhance attacks on Iranian facilities in Syria to prevent Tehran’s efforts to entrench militarily in Syria.

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