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01:46 PM, January 21, 2019
Germany Withdraws Permission to Iranian Airline Mahan over Spy Row
Iranian Air Mahan

Germany has withdrawn permission of Iranian airline Mahan after detainment of an German-Afghan man for spying for Iranian intelligence, on the 15th of January.

Abdul Hamid, the spy, was a language expert and cultural adviser for Bundeswehr, Germany's armed forces.

According to German media, sanctions against Iranian airline Mahan Air have reportedly been prepared in connection with the discovery of the spy and Iran's other illegal activities in Europe.

A spokesperson for the Transport Ministry said the airline had been informed it had to suspend all connections in and out of Germany. Mahan Air cargo flights to Syria and other war zones made the move vital to "protect Germany's foreign and security policy interests," a Foreign Ministry spokesperson added.

US authorities have accused Mahan Air of maintaining close ties to the elite Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. In 2011, the US Treasury designated Mahan Air a material supporter of terrorism for supporting the group, dw reported Monday.