Ford-class US Navy Aircraft Carrier Self Defense System undergoes first live test

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  • 12:23 PM, February 6, 2019
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Ford-class US Navy Aircraft Carrier Self Defense System undergoes first live test
USS Gerald R. Ford

The US Navy’s Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier’s self defense system has been tested for the first time.

The navy conducted the live-fire test along with manufacturer Raytheon.  The Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) fired at a UAV-target off the coast of California aboard the Ford class ship, UPI reported Tuesday.

SSDS integrates sensors, missiles and radars.

The Ship Self Defense System processed the cooperative engagement capability data, determined the appropriate engagement ranges, passed launch commands to the missile and scheduled dual band radar support for the engagement, Raytheon said.

A dual band radar searched for, located and tracked the target while the SSDS processed the data, determined an engagement strategy and passed launch commands to a Sea-Sparrow missile, which took down the drone, the release said.

The Ford-class ships will contain Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles and Rolling Airframe Missiles, according to the US Navy.

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