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09:48 AM, February 11, 2019
Russia’s ‘Poseidon’ Unmanned Underwater Vehicle To Undergo Factory Trials

Russia will reportedly commence at-sea factory trials of a nuclear-capable underwater vehicle (UUV), dubbed ‘Poseidon’, in summer 2019, TASS reports Sunday.

"The successful tests of Poseidon’s nuclear-powered energy unit opened the way to conducting at-sea factory tests of the vehicle. The tests will begin in favorable weather conditions this summer," the source was quoted as saying.

Poseidon is designed to deliver a 2-megaton nuclear warhead to destroy naval bases, carrier strike groups, and entire coastal cities by triggering a radioactive Tsunami wave. These UUVs will reportedly be equipped with both conventional and nuclear payloads and will be able to destroy enemy infrastructural facilities, carrier groups and other targets.

The UUV is thought to have been developed in reaction to the increasing sophistication of U.S. ballistic missile defense systems.