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06:54 AM, February 20, 2019
Chinese PLA Rocket Force Launch New DF Ballistic Missiles In Promotional Video
Chinese PLA Rocket Force Launch New DF Ballistic Missiles

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force released a promotional video on Tuesday showcasing the country’s DF intermediate-range ballistic missile being fired from various platforms.

According to Global Times, the minute-long video was posted on the Chinese PLA Rocket Force's newly registered Weibo and WeChat accounts, showcasing rare scenes of the mobilization, preparation and launch of multiple types of DF ballistic missiles in different terrains and conditions including desert, forest and snow.

"Those who invade China will be eliminated no matter how far away they are," the video said, noting that the "DF Express," a semi-official nickname of the DF series ballistic missiles, will fulfill their duty.

The Rocket Force is the nation's core strategic deterrent power, a pillar that sustains China's position as a major country and a footstone to safeguard national security, reads a statement that accompanies the video on WeChat.

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