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12:41 PM, February 26, 2019
Israeli Rafael to Set up Facility in India to Execute $30M IAF Communications Deal
Rafael's BNet communication system (Image: YouTube)

Israeli firm Rafael will be setting up a new facility in south Indian city of Hyderabad for its ARC subsidiary to execute a $30 million Indian Air Force (IAF) communications deal that was inked in 2017.

Rafael's BNet communications systems classified as software, are customised to meet operational requirements of the IAF.

“The systems will supplement the advanced radio capabilities of Indian warplanes without being detected by the enemy's systems,” Globes quoted Rafael as stating today.

The contract also includes transfer of information to India, maintenance of the systems and assistance provided to the IAF by the company.

The first production order by Rafael to its subsidiary was made in the framework of a festive event during a Euro-India defense exhibition held in Bengaluru. Rafael CEO Maj. Gen. (res.) Yoav Har-Even said that ARC's activity reflected the important ties between Rafael and India through other companies operating there.