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09:52 AM, March 13, 2019
Russia’s Robotic Anti-Aircraft Artillery System To Undergo State Trials This Year
Derivatsiya-PVO air defense system (image: Sputnik)

Russia’s robotic Derivatsiya-PVO anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) system will undergo state trials in November 2019, Defense Ministry announced Friday.

“The state tests of the system are expected to be completed in November,” Zvezda, Russian TV network run by the the country’s MoD reported.

The 57mm AAA system is designed to equip tactical air defense units of the Russian Ground Troops. Mounted on the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle platform, it is designed to fight cruise missiles, drones, aircraft and helicopters of tactical and army aviation; single MLRS projectiles as well as ground and surface light armored targets.

The system comprises a fighting vehicle with a 57mm ballistic gun and an ammunition load, a trans-loader and a maintenance vehicle. The fighting vehicle is equipped with an uninhabited combat module with a combined passive reconnaissance and sighting system, which makes it possible to detect and open fire at air and ground targets from one’s place, in motion and afloat. The ammunition load comprises five types of munitions. The main one is a remote-controlled multi-functional projectile, which explodes near the target.