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10:28 AM, March 14, 2019
Boeing to Integrate Long Range Stand-Off Cruise Missile on USAF’s B-52 Bomber
B-52 bomber (image:USAF)

Boeing has won a $250 million contract to integrate Long Range Stand-Off (LRSO) Cruise Missile weapon system onto United States Air Force’s B-52H subsonic long-range bomber.

The contract provides for aircraft and missile carriage equipment development and modification, engineering, testing, software development, training, facilities, and support necessary to fully integrate the LRSO Cruise Missile on the B-52H bomber platform, according to US Department of Defense.

The LRSO s a nuclear-tipped air-launched cruise missile that is currently being developed to replace the subsonic air-launched cruise missile AGM-86 ALCM. It is being developed to penetrate and survive integrated air defense systems and strike its targets.

The US approved funding of nearly $665 million for the LRSO program in 2018.

Work is expected to be complete by December 31, 2024.