Lockheed Martin Wins $507 Million Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Contract Modification

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  • 08:21 AM, March 15, 2019
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Lockheed Martin Wins $507 Million Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Contract Modification
PAC-3 missile concept (Image: Lockheed Martin)

Lockheed Martin has won $507 million modification contract for incidental services, hardware, facilities, equipment, and all technical, planning, management, manufacturing, and testing efforts to produce Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target Advanced Capability-3 missiles.

Work is expected to be completed by Dec. 31, 2024, the United States department of defense said in a statement Thursday.

The ‘Hit-To-Kill’ PAC-3 Missile is a terminal air defense missile. It defeats the entire threat: tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs), cruise missiles and aircraft.

The PAC-3 Missile is a high velocity interceptor that defeats incoming targets by direct, body-to-body impact. PAC-3 Missiles, when deployed in a Patriot battery, significantly increase the Patriot system’s firepower, since 16 PAC-3s load-out on a Patriot launcher, compared with four Patriot PAC-2 missiles.

The PAC-3 Missile Segment upgrade consists of the PAC-3 Missile, a hit-to-kill interceptor, the PAC-3 Missile canisters (in four packs), a fire solution computer and an Enhanced Launcher Electronics System (ELES). These elements are integrated into the Patriot system, a high to medium altitude, long-range air defense missile system providing air defense of ground combat forces and high-value assets.

The PAC-3 Missile uses a solid propellant rocket motor, aerodynamic controls, attitude control motors (ACMs) and inertial guidance to navigate. The missile flies to an intercept point specified prior to launch by its ground-based fire solution computer, which is embedded in the engagement control station. Target trajectory data can be updated during missile flyout by means of a radio frequency uplink/downlink.

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