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04:25 PM, March 28, 2019
Russia Develops New Drone That Can Shoot, Fly Simultaneously
The new Russian drone (image: Almaz Antey)

Russian firm Almaz Antey has developed a drone capable of flying and shooting simultaneously.

The drone is equipped with fully functioning Kalashnikov AK-47 housed inside a set of wings, with the gun's barrel jutting menacingly from the front, according to The Moscow Times.

The 23-kilogram drone is capable of flying for 40 minutes and staying aloft while shooting. The drone is equipped with an autoloading Kalashnikov rifle with a 10-round, box-type magazine.

“Our task was to lift a device with a weapon into the sky and provide maximum stability of its performance and high accuracy of striking the target,” said its designer, Moscow Aviation Institute.

The drone can continue to track a missed-target without the need to manually adjust its flight path, the aviation institute said.

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