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11:48 AM, April 4, 2019
Russian Mi-26T2V Helicopter Completes Preliminary Flight tests
Mi-26T2V helicopter

Russian Helicopters completed preliminary flight tests of world’s largest helicopter- the Mi-26T2V.

The upgraded heavy Mi-26T2V helicopter designed in the interests of the Ministry of Defense made its first flight in August 2018.

The new helicopter has modern NPK90-2V avionics suite. The latest avionics system allows following the route in automatic mode, coming to a preset point, performing approach and final approach maneuvers, and returning to the main or alternate aerodrome, the company said in a statement.

The helicopter is also equipped with a digital flight center, and the crew cockpit has multi-function color LCD indicators that significantly reduce the workload of the flight crew. Moreover, Mi-26T2V got a new airborne defense complex Vitebsk that not only detects a threat to the helicopter, but also repels attacks.

Mi-26T2 lighting equipment is now adapted to the use with night vision goggles, and the cockpit is equipped with new energy-absorbing seats for the crew. There are also improvements to a navigation system and satellite.

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