Lockheed Martin Orders Saab Sea Giraffe AMB Radars for Canadian Ships

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  • 02:31 PM, April 6, 2019
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Lockheed Martin Orders Saab Sea Giraffe AMB Radars for Canadian Ships
Saab Sea Giraffe AMB radar

Saab has received an order from Lockheed Martin for delivery of Sea Giraffe AMB naval radars supporting the Royal Canadian Navy’s new Joint Support Ships.

Lockheed Martin Canada, selected by prime contractor Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd. is providing the command management system and integration for the Protecteur-class Joint Support Ships. Sea Giraffe AMB will form part of the command management system for the new ships. Saab will undertake the work in Gothenburg, Sweden and Halifax, Canada with deliveries between 2020 and 2022.

“We look forward to continuing to support the Royal Canadian Navy’s capabilities with our state-of the-art Sea Giraffe AMB radars”, says Anders Carp, Senior Vice President and head of Saab business area Surveillance.

The Protecteur-class ships are a key part of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy and will be a flexible, multi-role, globally deployable and combat capable military platform able to conduct missions in both open-ocean and littoral environments. They will provide re-supply of fuel, ammunition, spare parts and other supplies between ships at sea and will be capable of transporting cargo, supporting operations ashore, and responding to threats in uncertain security environments.

Saab has previously delivered naval radars to the Canadian Halifax-class frigates.

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