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03:56 PM, April 18, 2019
Kim Jong Un

North Korea has recently concluded tests of tactical guided weapons under the supervision of President Kim Jong Un, according to a report published by country's state media KCNA reported Thursday. According to the report, the weapon that was tested on Wednesday has a peculiar mode of guiding flight and carries load of a powerful warhead. The test was conducted in various modes of firing at different targets. The North Korean leader who reportedly guided and overlooked the tests described its development as one "of very weighty significance in increasing the combat power of the People's Army," the report stated further. A statement released by US' Center for Strategic and International Studies this week said that activity had been detected at North Korea's main nuclear site, Al Jazeera reported Thursday. Mark Fitzpatrick, a former US state department official, told Al Jazeera that it was a "tactical weapon and not a missile." "North Korea is maybe exaggerating a bit in order to get America's attention and that's what it is all about," he added. "Kim would like to make Trump think again about a deal that might be in the interest of both countries" Fitzpatrick said, hinting at the failed Vietnam summit in February this year that ended abruptly without signing of any agreement on Pyongyang's nuclear programme. North Korea tested its "newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon" last November, which was the first weapons test conducted by Pyongyang since it began negotiations with Washington over its nuclear and missile programme.