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10:22 AM, April 23, 2019
HAL Recommences Intermediate Jet Trainer Testing After 3 Years Hiatus
HAL Intermediate jet trainer

HAL has recommenced flight testing of modified Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) yesterday from its Bangalore facilities.

The flight testing of IJT (HJT36), designed and developed by HAL for the stage-II training of IAF pilots was put on hold after the aircraft had encountered problem in the spin test flights in the year 2016.

The April 18 test flight was flawless and its success is an important step towards the IJT programme, a HAL release said.

“HAL continued its R&D efforts and undertook modification of the fourth aircraft in the IJT limited series production (LSP4) based on extensive and comprehensive wind tunnel studies”, says Mr. R. Madhavan, CMD, HAL. HAL’s research, design and technical teams carried out the modifications required with more challenges ahead.

The IJT is intended to be used for Indian Air Force for Stage II training of its pilots. IJT will be fitted with AL-55i Jet engines produced in house at HAL Engine Division, Koraput. IJT incorporates the simplicity necessary for ease of conversion from Basic Piston Trainer and the sophistication required for quick conversion to the complexities of an Advanced Jet Trainer.