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03:54 PM, May 6, 2019
Russia Developing New Shells for Tornado Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

Russia is developing new shells with extended range equipped with new warheads for Tornado-S and Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

"Work is currently underway to further improve munitions of the Tornado-S MLRS.

There are plans both to increase the range and the accuracy of fire and expand the range of assignments for the system’s munitions by way of developing shells with new types of warheads," Vladimir Lepin, CEO of Tecmash Group developing the shells, told TASS Monday.

"Work is underway to also improve the 122mm Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system," he added.

Tornado-G and Tornado-S MLRS are designated to destroy and suppress artillery, mortar batteries, command posts, etc.The systems underwent state trials in 2014 and 2015 and are intended to replace Grad and Smerch MLRS.