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11:50 AM, May 11, 2019
Russian Panstir missile defense system

Russia has assured India that its cooperation with Pakistan is limited to the anti-terrorism sphere and that it will not sell any war equipment to the country, a high-ranking source in the Russian defense establishment said Friday.

We have already informed India and the Indian government is assured that Russia will not be selling any war equipment to Pakistan and that cooperation with Pakistan is restricted to anti-terrorism capability enhancement; the source told The Print, an Indian newspaper.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is trying to build deeper military ties with Russia and China, as its military ties with the US have soured, and because it finds US equipment very expensive.

The country has thus decided to acquire Russian-made Pantsir anti-aircraft missile system and T-90 tanks. “The idea (Pak's interest in buying Russian defense equipment) is to foster closer relations with Russia, one of India’s oldest allies. For countering India, it has expressed its intention to buy latest and modern weapon systems including the Pantsir Missile System,” a source who wished to remain anonymous was quoted as saying by Financial Express.

A Pakistani military delegation is even expected to visit Moscow soon. Russia and Pakistan had in 2015 signed a deal for four Mi-35M attack helicopters, which has already been delivered. The following year, Russia and Pakistan carried out their first joint military exercise.

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