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10:14 AM, May 14, 2019
UK Navy Orders Saab's Anti-submarine Warfare Training System
AUV62-AT anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training system

The United Kingdom (UK) has placed an order with Sweden’s Saab for AUV62-AT anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training system.

Saab has received this order in collaboration with the UK-based company QinetiQ. This system enables ASW units to train in a wide range of scenarios. This procurement follows a period of testing and evaluation together with QinetiQ and the UK Royal Navy, Saab said in a statement Tuesday.

According to the company, the AUV62-AT can generate submarine noises and echoes, which are transmitted at a precise target strength and over clearly defined distances. The payload module of the AUV62-AT includes a transducer tail which incorporates transmitting and receiving transducers, so that training personnel can perform onboard analysis of the location of active sonars or attacking torpedoes.

Delivery of the systems are expected to take place in 2019.

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