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10:06 AM, June 6, 2019
China’s PLA Rocket Force Releases Video of Missiles Capable of Destroying Enemy Naval Vessels
China's PLA Rocket Force showcases a cluster of 10 DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles in a video (image: screenshot of CCTV)

China’s People's Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force displayed a cluster consisting of ten DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles capable of attacking medium- to large-sized vessels in a recent video, according to the Chinese media.

The missiles can be seen erected into launch positions in a promotional video of the PLA Rocket Force. It can serve as a trump card in naval asymmetrical combat, as it is capable of attacking medium- to large-sized vessels from land, Weihutang, a column on the military affiliated with China Central Television, reported on Wednesday.

“It is rare to see so many DF-21Ds gathered together, and 10 could be enough to do serious damage to a hostile aircraft carrier,” military observers said.

Together with the DF-21D, China's DF-26 ballistic missile can reach targets even further at sea, the Chinese media stated further.

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