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09:03 AM, June 10, 2019
Iran Unveils Indigenous Air-Defense System Capable of Destroying Stealth-Targets 45Km Away
Iran's newly unveiled Khordad-15 air defense system

Iran has unveiled a indigenously-made air defense system, “Khordad 15,” capable of detecting stealth targets at a distance of 85 km, and destroy them within a range of 45 km.

“The system is capable of detecting fighter jets and combat drones from 150 km away and of tracking them within a range of 120 km,” Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami, was quoted as saying by Press TV.

“The Iranian system uses Sayyad 3 missiles. It can simultaneously detect, intercept and destroy six incoming hostile targets. It can be readied to engage hostile targets in less than five minutes,” Hatami added.

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