Germany May Block French Corvette Deal with UAE

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  • 11:58 AM, June 10, 2019
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Germany May Block French Corvette Deal with UAE
Gowind-class corvette (image: Naval Group)

Germany may Block a hard-won deal by the Naval Group to Supply Gowind Corvettes to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as it is against that country’s participation in the Yemen war.

A German firm, MTU supplies engines for the Gowind anti-submarine corvettes manufactured by France’s Naval Group, Intelligence Online reported. Refusal of an export permission for the engines means effectively scuttling the deal.

The UAE has finalized the acquisition of two 2700 ton Gowind corvettes worth around €750 million, the contract for which was signed ‘very discreetly’ on March 25 by between the UAE Navy and the Naval group, Intelligence Online and French media reported. Combined with the SETIS Combat Management System (CMS), these corvettes will also be armed with Raytheon's ESSM anti-aircraft and MBDA's Exocet sea-skimming missiles.

Gowind Corvettes have earlier been sold to Egypt when it bought Rafale fighter jets from France two years ago.