Israel Conducts Electronic Warfare, Jams Syrian Radars: Reports

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  • 07:22 AM, June 12, 2019
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Israel Conducts Electronic Warfare, Jams Syrian Radars: Reports
Syria has in its possession S-200, Pantsir S-1, S-300 and more air defense hardware (image: VOA)

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly jammed Syrian radars and have resorted to waging “electronic warfare” against Syrian air defences, that effectively intercepted missiles launched by Tel Aviv, state-owned Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported Wednesday.

The report said that the IDF allegedly launched a missile strike in a strategic mountaintop area, the Tal al-Hara, in southern Syria, which overlooks the disputed Golan Heights. After the Syria defended the Israeli strikes, SANA accused Tel Aviv of conducting "electronic warfare" and "jamming" Syrian radars.

The disputed area was recaptured by Damascus from the al-nusra based terror group in July 2018. It now reportedly harbours an air defence base equipped with anti-aircraft batteries, according to Sputnik.

The latest attack comes a week after Israeli warplanes attacked Syrian military positions near the Golan Heights in the country's south, killing three soldiers and wounding seven others, reports Al Jazeera. The Israeli military said the bombing was in response to two rockets fired from Syria at Mount Hermon.

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